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Interview Bill Carter
One of the most quietly influential people in recent American history, Bill is the real thing! A modern day 007. A government super agent.

Enjoy an electrifying side seat on the roller coaster of real life as you hear new revelations about American celebrities and politicians told in autobiographical chronicle by former US Secret Service agent and Nashville Attorney Bill Carter.

His life and the tales he tells read like a first class techno thriller filled with globe trotting adventures with real worlds in collision type conflicts between larger than life political figures and musical celebrities, damsels in distress, criminal villains and the secret and relentless grinding of huge government bureaucracies.

You’ll think you are interviewing a character right out of a John Grisham novel — Only this is real life and you’re talking to someone who is giving you a window seat onto the events and the lives of some of the people who have been a part of most historic and significant events of the late 20th Century.

His story is told in the new book Get Carter: Backstage in History from JFK’s Assassination to The Rolling Stones, (Fine’s Creek Publishing written by Bill Carter with Judi Turner). Here is a book that is part memoir, part history, part novel that in total is perhaps one of the most important books to hit the streets in years. A remarkable story teller — Ask and you shall receive insights from the life and times of Bill Carter. Bill Carter is a remarkable man of many talents, who has been right there helping solve the personal problems of famous people over the past thirty years.

Just a down home country boy … who grew up in the small town of Rector Arkansas, went to law school and got jobs in southern politics, and then joined the Secret Service and served under President Kennedy and Johnson. He got to be a witness of historical moments…. He was there for the Warren Commission investigation of the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas and interviewed many of the key subjects.

  • He’ll give you a real life look behind the scenes of that terrible day in Dallas, Texas when three shots rang out on a sunny afternoon and changed the world, as our beloved young president lay dead at the hands of a madman. You will feel like you are right there in the underground garage when the madman himself is slain in front of a shocked nation, leaving questions unanswered to this very day.
  • After leaving the Secret Service, he returned to the practice of law in Arkansas and accidentally ended up working in the music business, producing miracles…
  • He worked for the Rolling Stones, successfully getting them visas to enter the United States for massively successful musical tours after the lead guitarist Keith Richards was busted for possession and trafficking of heroin in Toronto, keeping them out of jail in city after city as they crossed America, chased by the federal government and police everywhere.
  • He was singularly responsible for helping Fred Smith get Federal Express off the ground.
  • He helped a little known singer by the name of Tanya Tucker reach towards the stars and success and get on the cover of “Rolling Stone” magazine.
  • He threatened embattled President Richard Nixon with a lawsuit on behalf of ex-Teamster Union President Jimmy Hoffa.
  • He was one of the first key responders for the nationally known rock and roll band Lynyrd Skynyrd after their chartered plane crashed in a forest in rural Mississippi. ” You will get to hear the real story about how he befriended and retrieved the body of the actor Steve McQueen from Mexico. McQueen got inoperable lung cancer and he went to Mexico for some controversial experimental medical therapy that he could not get in the United States. When he died in Juarez, Mexican officials held the body and demanded large sums of money. How Carter managed to spirit the body away from the Mexican authorities has become the stuff of legends, and as always, the truth is even stranger than the fiction.
  • He was there when a Titan II missile exploded and released quantities of toxic gas in the countryside near Damascus, Arkansas.

Ask Bill and you will be able to share the fascinating, excitement filled, detailed insiders look into the lives and mysterious world surrounding some of America’s best-loved personalities and events. Bill Carter spends most of his time on his forty-acre farm outside Nashville on the Cumberland River with his lovely wife, Marlow.

Get Carter: Backstage in History from JFK’s Assassination to The Rolling Stones
by Bill Carter with Judi Turner
ISBN 0-9774604-0-1 | Hardcover trade | Fine’s Creek Publishing

• Bill Carter is available for interview by arrangement only.
• Review copies (PDF or hard copy) available on request.
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