“Get Carter” and Get Him Fast A review of “Get Carter – Backstage in history from JFK’s Assassination to the Rolling Stones”

By Terri Marie

If you were in trouble, one line would do, “Get Carter,” and Carter would come to the rescue. I liked Bill Carter the moment I talked to him. Carter never dreamed of becoming an internationally famous lawyer, a Secret Service Agent, working close to Presidents, the Rolling Stones, Bill Gaither or Billy Graham. He never intended the trip through some of the biggest bumps on our twentieth century ride. All he ever wanted was to get a job in Detroit and come back to Rector, Arkansas driving a new car.”I never planned a course in my life. Even in my days as a mischievous child, I’ve always had a strong faith. People asked me, ‘When did you become a Christian?’ I said, ‘I was born one.” His friend, Ruth Montgomery author of Here and Hereafter, told Carter he was one of the most open people she’d ever met. That’s why he received lots of guidance. “Ruth communicated with the spirits. I’d try my best to trick ’em. I’d lie to them. Not once did they fall for it. Each time, they set me straight. But to me psychics are a bit dangerous if you’re looking to them for advice, unless you have a relationship with them that’s tested. Carter doesn’t get depressed. “God has got a lot more important things to do than worry about Bill Carter. I think he assigns somebody to that.”