Bill Highlighted at Rector Labor Day Celebration

Bill was recently the guest of honor at an event sponsored by the Rector Community Museum in his hometown of Rector, Arkansas during the town’s annual Labor Day Celebration, September 1, 2019.

The event included an interview with Bill and his daughter Joanna Carter that was presented publicly at the Rector United Methodist Church.

The following article highlighting the event was originally published in the Clay County Times-Democrat newspaper.

Rector native Bill Carter shared a lifetime of memories during an event in his hometown on Sunday, Sept. 1, sponsored by the Rector Community Museum. In his reminiscing he noted, perhaps the difference maker was the sheriff who, after Bill Carter’s expulsion from school and night in jail, insisted the young man be readmitted to high school with the understanding of what would happen if he should get into one more speck of trouble. This critical intervention happened his junior year, prompting him to remember, “imagine if I had not finished high school. What that man saw in me, I do not know,” said Carter. “I was afraid not to do right. He scared me into a diploma.”

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Reprinted with permission.